Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goodbye holidays

Hi there yall! :)

AH! I always try to plan a time to write here but it seems like something always gets in the way! grrrr too little hours in the day. (I am at work RIGHT now..shhh) How was everyones Christmas and New years? Awesome, I presume. We were able to head down south to see the family and it was amazing! It was nice to be in some normal weather. (well, to me anyhow.) ;) I could tell you how great it was and every little detail of our little vacation but that might be a little boring. Lets just leave it at I am blessed with the most spectacular, loving family and I can't help but thank God for each and every one of them multiple times a day.


So while the hubby and I were keeping warm In Texas a WHOLE lot of crazy was going on up here in Ft.Drum. We left our pets and vehicle to be watched by not one but TWO boys. I assumed they were more than capable of taking care of a cat and dog for two weeks. OH BOY was i wrong! The second day we are down south we receive this phone call. "hey bro, uh I got in an uh accident. Uh yeah it was in your truck, man, I'm sorry but it's totaled." Well considering that was our only vehicle and we were hundreds of miles away we were pretty upset. No biggie though right? We will just get a new vehicle. A couple days later I begin receiving pictures on my phone of all of our photos flipped upside down, things misplaced, moved around, you name it. HAHA boys are so funny when they mess with your personal belongings aren't they? uhm no. I didnt get to angry about that, at least they were at the house taking care of the animals right? WRONG. We arrive home from the airport and the driveway has not been shoveled once. A good two feet of snow was covering it. That sure was fun for my hubby after a good 12 hours on airplanes and being stuck in airports. I walk through the door and the mess hits me like a brick wall. The kitty litter had not been changed ONE single time. (I had everything set aside for them to make it as simple as possible.) The cat food was spilled all over the laundry room floor, dishes were piled up in the sink, the bathroom was out of control, the pictures were still flipped upside down, EVEN OUR CROSSES were flipped upside down. Now what kind of sick person would do something like that? I immediately broke down in tears and got to cleaning. Now one thing that I have pride in is my home. I like it to be immaculte. Clean, smelling good, cute, cozy, comfy, etc...At this moment it was none of these things. I was livid. Eventually I was able to get everything back to normal but I am pretty sure it has scarred me for life. As most of you women already know, never trust men uhhh I mean boys to house sit for you. Even if they are long time friends.

Yes I know I didn't mention anything about the puppy. They carted that little guy around with them everywhere they went so he got tons of lovin. Only negative thing there was they fed him human food. UGH!

OKAY! Vent over, now for some good news.

We got a new truck the day we returned home, they delivered it right to us. How awesome right?

Andddd I got a promotion at work.

Crazy things happen in life, and that is what makes it worth living. Tell your stories and make people laugh, maybe even sometimes cry.

Love with all you've got,