Monday, November 11, 2013


I do not think that I have mentioned that I have a little brother. Well, not so little anymore. He is seventeen and a senior in high school.

Even now as his graduation is approaching it does not feel real. I can still picture him in his diaper and cowboy boots running around and causing a ruckus. haha who am I kidding, he still does that, minus the diaper. I am constantly in awe at what an amazing young man he is turning out to be. Yes, he can be a turd but what teenager isn't.

He is currently working his butt off trying to get a football scholarship. He recently had knee surgery but he is a Nelson and that just made him fight harder to reach his goal. I am so so proud of the transformation he has made over his high school years. The love I have for him in indescribable and as we both get older that love only grows stronger. I have not been there to see him play a game in the past two years and that breaks my heart. Before I was married I would go to every game with our mama and have the time of our lives cheering him on and embarrassing the hell out of him. ;) This last Friday was his last game of the regular season. (they made it to the playoffs..YAY!) Looking back on my high school career I think about our last football game...The bond that the cheerleaders and the football players formed that night was beautiful. Holding pinkys and crying as we sang our school song for the last time on the field. That is a moment that I will hold in my heart forever and I pray that my brother was able to have a similar experience.

Anyways, I just wanted to gloat a little bit about how awesome he is.

So here he is in 7th grade all cute and little :)

 And here he is now. Lookin' all manly and what not.

Time please slow down.
Love with all you've got.

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